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North Beach - Barbuda
Untamed since 1492

Christopher Columbus, the Spanish Armada and the British all tried to conquer us, yet Barbuda has endured to this day as the last, true, unspoiled island in the Caribbean, bar none.

At North Beach - Barbuda, we encourage the 'Three I's' rule -- no iPhones, no Internet, no Interruptions.

We have no pool, child care centre, sushi bar, jet skis, spa or dance nights.

We have 12 miles of deserted beach, some fantastic local food and most importantly, peace and quiet.

We are truly low key. You set your own schedule...your own itinerary. Do what you want, how you want, when you want.

Our exclusive 5 cottage beachfront hideaway combines exquisite natural beauty with the ultimate in privacy in the most undisturbed of natural settings. Our accommodations are tastefully-appointed beach cottages, decorated with local and 'found' beach art and are naturally cooled by the constant trade winds. Just steps beyond your accommodations, the pink sand beach merges with the Caribbean Sea and one of the most famous coral reefs in seafaring history. Seeing other people is truly optional at North Beach. With a maximum of 9 guests at any one time, North Beach - Barbuda is as true an escape as you will ever know.

Some say that being here feels downright 'illegal.' It isn't. Thats just North Beach.

With our friendly and attentive staff, an idyllic seaside setting and arguably the freshest Caribbean seafood around, North Beach is the best kept secret for those seeking life's simple pleasures and to recharge from a stressful life in total privacy.
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North Beach - Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda     |    Tel: +1.268.721.3317    |    Email: info@barbudanorthbeach.com
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