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North Beach - Barbuda - FAQs


In order to aide your vacation to Barbuda (and Antigua), we offer the following information about travelling to Barbuda and what to expect during your stay at North Beach - Barbuda.

Appropriate Attire:

The attire on the island's is considered informal, but conservative. Beach attire is appropriate for the beach but not town, shops, or restaurants. However, at the North Beach - Barbuda, shoes are always optional.


Banking hours in Antigua & Barbuda are from 8am to 2pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to 4pm Friday. Some open Saturday from 8am to Noon.


Official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar that is fixed to the US dollar. US currency, traveller's checks, and major credit cards are welcome everywhere. You will not need cash at North Beach - Barbuda.


Crime in Barubuda is non-existent. There are absolutely no hawkers or tourists on our beaches. The entire population of the island lives 10 miles away.


Consistent sunshine is one of our greatest assets. The temperature is relatively consistent with highs averaging 80F/25.5C in January to 83F/28C in August and lows from 72.1F/22.3C in January to 78F/25C in August.

Rainfall averages less than 3.5" (89mm) per month. If it rains, it typically falls for 1-2 hrs in the evenings. Just enough to cool things off.

North Beach is blessed with consistent trade winds averaging 12 knots (E-SE) year-round that keeps you cool and the insects away.


The resort has a steady supply of clean, filtered fresh water, purified by reverse osmosis from local sea water.

Water conservation practices are in effect at the resort to ensure ample water supply in a remote island habitat with no natural sources of freshwater nearby. We ask that you respect these practices while our guest for the benefit of our island.

Our water is safe to shower and brush your teeth with, however, we provide ample quantities of bottled water for drinking at the restaurant, in your cottage or for taking along on outdoor excursions.


North Beach has several generators to provide nearly continuous power. For conservation reasons and for 'piece of mind', we turn off the power at mid-day when our guests are out on adventures. You will never hear the generator, except faintly in the distance on an especially calm day and only when near the 'Western Point.'

Each cottage has multiple electrical outlets in the bedrooms and bathrooms, providing consistent and reliable 110v power using standard U.S. 2-prong plugs (during hours of operation).

Two additional 220v outlets are available at the resort for 220 volt-specific equipment.

Most computer and telephone equipment use auto-switching 110-220v (50-60Hz) power adapters and will work fine at the resort. Check the label on your adapters to be sure.

Telephone/Internet Access:

You come to North Beach to get away from it all and that is why you will find no telephones, televisions, DVD players or Internet access at the resort.

For those that cannot leave the digital world behind, North Beach does have cellular telephone coverage (e.g. local DigiCell, Lime and Cable & Wireless networks).

If you do not own a local cell phone, you will incur international roaming charges when using your phone at North Beach. EDGE-class data access is available, but there is no 3G data access available at this time.

You can check email and internet from Smartphones, but realise that data speeds are very slow and data connections can be fickle. See our map at the resort for the best places to connect to the cellular data network.

Also, check with your cellular provider before you leave your home country on ways to enable use of your phone for calls & data and minimise expenses when using your phone, while in Antigua & Barbuda.

Insects & Wildlife:

North Beach is a remote, wild location. There are insects here, though bugs are rarely a problem if you use insect repellant occasionally and keep your door closed and lights off when you are not in your cottage. Mosquitoes and sand flies only come out at dawn and dusk, but otherwise, insects are not an issue here.

North Beach has wildlife. Wild donkeys & deer roam the resort at night in search of water, sea turtles nest on our beaches and lizards and birds are abundant, foraging for insects. If you like wildlife, there are abundant opportunities to see things you may not see at home. If you have a problem with wildlife, North Beach is not the place for you.

Entry Requirements:

All travellers, including U.S. citizens, to and from the Caribbean, Central, and South America, and Bermuda are required to have a passport to enter or re-enter the United States. For US citizens, visit the U.S. State Department's website: www.travel.state.gov. For British citizens, visit the UK FCO website: www.fco.gov.uk.


Antigua & Barbuda has a US$20.00 (EC$50) airport departure tax (children are free), a hotel room sales tax of 10.5% and service charge of 10%.

Time Zone:

Barbuda observes the Atlantic Standard Time Zone that is four hours behind GMT and one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. We observe Daylight Savings Time (DST) for 1/2 of the year where we are equivalent to Eastern Standard Time. See the current time in Antigua & Barbuda. Barbuda.


At North Beach - Barbuda, tipping is not required. However, while traveling through Antigua & Barbuda, 10-15% is customary depending on the service. Some restaurants will automatically add a 10% gratuity. If in doubt, just ask. Give porters and bellhops 50 cents per bag, taxi drivers 10-15% of the fare.
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